IIT-JEE Exams are amongst the most challenging examinations. Aspirants give years of preparation for IIT-JEE Exams and make it to a prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Colleges. Due to the cut-throat competition, and the introduction of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, cracking JEE is tougher. Numerous coaching centres, countless books are making students cope up with the competition and securing ranks in the IIT-JEE. While appearing for IIT-JEE, the common question arises – Is coaching a must for cracking the JEE Exams?

Well, if you ask us – If coaching is necessary for JEE? Then the answer is yes! Neither coaching nor self-study guarantees you complete success. However, it’s up to you to opt for coaching or do a self-study. But here is the reason why you should opt for coaching if you want to secure ranks in IIT-JEE.


Considering the syllabus of JEE, direction from the experts gives you clarity, a better idea to deal with the exam patterns. As you know, sometimes one mark can make an excellent deal for JEE. Self-study is a good idea, but guidance from the expert is necessary. Coaching doesn’t guarantee complete success, but it helps you hop up the rank list.


Nearly every institute has well-qualified instructors that drive a pupil from all the challenges related to studying. The instructors strive to support pupils in every possible way and can guide them towards success. They also explain one’s topic repeatedly if the student did not understand for the first time. However, this is not viable if the learners prepare for the exam sitting at home.


The institutes conduct regular classes which eventually makes them regular and disciplined. The coaching conducts routine tests weekly or monthly that makes students prepare beforehand, and improve time management.

Study Material

The coaching gives the best study guides all the study material. They also equip the learners with question papers and notes so that they can practice and revise.


If an aspirant is preparing for the entrance exam, other candidates are preparing too. And this will help them to be competitive and stay motivated all the time they will also understand the competition level.


The coaching institute plan keeps a cadet disciplined and consistent all the time. The proper schedule will help the pupil in keeping consistency and discipline in the study. The times of disciplined and consistent practice will improve time management and other skills.

Individual Feedback

When you enter a coaching institute, you are given mock tests on a usual basis, which proffers you a thought about where you are and what your weak subject is. Besides, you get your performance feedback from the professionals encouraging you to improve on those subjects.

JEE requires hard work in a smart way, which is accurately delivered from the trained instructors of any likely coaching institute.The coaches may help you in understanding the concept in a few minutes, which would have taken hours for you to understand through book reading or Self Studying. Also, the teacher will notify you about the errors that are generally made by a student. So, a good mentor plays an essential role in determining your rank in the India level but note that the pupils must be persistent throughout the program and work hard under the guidance of their mentor.