The IIT Dream: ways to make it true
For every IIT aspirant, scoring high in the JEE Exam initiates the base for a bright career. Hence, it is crucial to approach JEE preparation aptly, under the direction of an authenticated and reputed coaching institute with a proven record.

IIT Dreamer can be classified into two – one who plans at the early stage and two who starts later mostly after the board exams. The variance may not be proclaimed but the early beginners have a slight advantage over the other. The competition for the utmost IITs is deemed to be one of the intricate exams. Exams are of two-stage – JEE Main and JEE Advanced, the number of aspirants has only increased with better awareness.

And a huge number of pupils are willing to get into these elite IITs. The alumni accomplishment had been well documented. Entry to the IITs is deemed to be THE Origin of growth and success in one’s professional course. The urge has been to such intensity that some student begins their journey towards the aim of getting into IITs as early as fifth standard for the exams that going to conduct after 12th.

Yet, there is no report available that hints longer training guarantees entry into the elite. Rather, genuine preparation begins once the learner is in the last two years of schooling somewhere after SSC. With so much hype, built around IITs, some institutions have leaped up across the realm cashing on this thought. Some students work so hard as if their entire career depends on these exams. As the proverb goes, there is more happiness in pursuance than in achievement but with students beginning so early and the chase being considerably long, there does not seem much joy for those students.

The whole idea of going to school has taken an offbeat dimension with stress on the students and the performance parameters that the foremost goal of education has taken a backbench. Results and performance in the entrance exams have become the characteristics of Success. The goal of education should prepare a learner on how to develop his mind and be equipped to deal with reality. Pupils should be prepared to study, experience, blend, and to prove.

They should be taught the necessity of the knowledge created in the past and they have to be equipped to gain further knowledge by their efforts.

How much preparation is necessary?

Students who make it through the exams are the people who have been focused, consistent, and had been well-trained. The exams test students’ ability, analytical, logical, and rationalizing skills. Most of the students would start the real preparation for an exam a few months or a one year before the exam. However, the preparation for IIT would need to be started much earlier than the other School-based exam as it is a competing exam and one is doomed relatively.

The students not only need problem-solving skills but they also need to do within a time prepare. Preparation will require thoroughness with all the topics. The advantage of preparing for the IIT would help one to grasp the thought better and enhance their academic score as well.

One of the greatest advantages of preparing this exam as it improves one’s problem-solving and decision-making skills which will help them in their professional career.

Advantages of coaching:

The advantage of coaching is the edifice and discipline that the course builds in. It establishes milestones and goals for the years which had been done by specialists and would set the pathway for one to follow instead of re-inventing one. The other benefit is group learning which adds value to individuals’ preparation and improves the attitude of approach to a query. As it is a competing exam, understanding how the other students do will always drive one to perform better.

IIT-JEE covers the 11th and 12th standard syllabus, so one must start preparing from the beginning of the 11th standard. Though, some of the coaching institutes would cover both years topic in the initial year with a mediocre level of complex queries and would dedicate another year in revision and attempting higher levels of problems. So, it is crucial that students give a minimum of two years of learning.

In nutshell, what it needs students to get through the IIT JEE Exam is a constant effort and the best guidance aside from determination and an approach, and faith. So aspirants who are willing to make efforts and are determined to complete the task, with the proper guidance can aspire to the DREAM of getting into the IITs.